Camper Hire Plans

by John Douglas

Hiring an RV, a camper van, a motorhome or dormobile is a great way to holiday and see the UK at the same time. They offer a flexible solution to your transport and accommodation needs, whilst at the same time allowing you the freedom to decide where you want to go next. A motor home really is a “home from home”, with all the conveniences you have at home and the benefit of mobility. We’ll take a closer look at what facilities a motorhome should offer, so that you are more informed when you decide to rent or hire.

All campers should have a kitchen area that contains a refrigerator and a gas hob with a couple of hotplates. Some even have a microwave so that you can russle up something quickly. Night time lighting is usually taken care of by the use of a separate battery, often called a “leisure battery”. This is in addition to the normal van battery that is used when running the engine. Today though, more and more campsites are offering a hook up system that can connect mains electricity directly to the camper or motorhome.

Internet access, cable television and electrical supply are just some of the home comforts found at dedicated camper sites throughout the UK. The increase in motorhome hire within the UK is fueling the growth of services available at the camping grounds. Many people who look to hiring camper vans as the perfect get-away, prefer to stay in less developed rural areas or in camp sites with just basic facilities such as toilets and washrooms.

The Volkswagen organisation is a world leader in the campervan market and has played an important role in the history of camper vans. In the UK, you will also find other well known companies such as Ford and Fiat offering camper van solutions. The Volkswagen Vanfest, is a highly popular event that is held in Malvern each year. Enthusiasts from around the world attend and show off their lovingly restored camper vans. If you are in the market to buy your own van or you have one and need to buy something for it, then this is definitely one event you need to attend.

Deciding on the right style and size of motorhome to hire, really depends on whether it is a family trip or not. The age and size of the children plays an important part in this decision. There are large family vans with extra facilities available to make your trip more enjoyable. The vast majority of vans have a double bed and additional single and sometimes even double beds. The exact details that meet your need should be discussed with the hire company before you book. Using dedicated child seats for toddlers are the law in the UK and they should be used at all times when in transit.

A truck camper is designed to be able to reach more isolated places off the beaten track. This type of camper is ideal for those looking to venture out into more remote areas of the lanscape. The design of this “off road” style camper is often space limited as the extra suspension ride height, takes up some cabin space. A few rental companies offer this type of van, but it does cost more than using a traditional camper.

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