Biker Lowdown Radio Show

by LJ James

I have been writing about the Biker Lifestyle for years as a freelance writer and I have also been DJing Bike events for many years. I knew I wanted to bring the two together and do a Biker Style radio show right from the beginning. I had spoken with local stations in my area about doing a Biker radio show and each time the radio station either wanted lots of money up front or they just wanted nothing to do with a Biker radio show. The Biker market is what they call a niche Market and stations want shows that will appeal to everyone.

knew that the motorcycle market was going to be tough. If I was to use regular radio station I was going to only be able offer the show to local Bikers and it would be a show that was on only at a certain time every week, so if you missed the show well that’s it you missed it. This is not what I really wanted.

I wanted a show where Bikers from all over the world could listen in and be part of it. Being We are Bikers and never know where we will be at any given time I also wanted the Bikers to be able to listen to the show on their time schedule. The answer I knew was the Internet. But how to do it? I had no Idea.

I didn’t have the cash to start my own Internet radio station. So I started looking into existing Internet stations. Again the same problems everyone wanted money upfront and the shows would only be on at a certain time! I knew there was a way to make this work I just did not know what it was!

The answer came during the Summer of 2008 when a guy from Florida called the Paisan sent me an email saying he had read some of my articles and he would like to interview me on his Internet radio show called Sundays Sauce Pot. I called him and after speaking to him I agreed to be on the show.

The show I did with the Paisan and his partner Danny Dawg was unforgettable and I had a great time. I developed a friendship with Danny Dawg and the Paisan. When I told them how I wanted to do my own Show for years they where happy to explain how I could do a show like theirs. The show would go Live at 8pm on Wednesdays and could be listen to from the beginning any time a person went to the website from any computer world wide 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This was perfect it was everything I had been looking for over 10 years! With help I figured out how to work every thing and the Biker Lowdown Radio Show was born.

I had originally planned on waiting to start the show in January as I wanted to make sure everything was perfect! Then I remembered nothing in life is perfect and I just started the show as is. The response the show has received has been beyond anything I could have hoped for and has really been overwhelming!

The Biker Lowdown chat room gets busier every week and it lets listeners know they are really a part of the show! My goals for the show is to be entertaining and let all who Ride know what is going on in the Motorcycle world at the same time. I am also working on a much larger more inter active website and I am getting ready to start having T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers and so much more to give out to my listens at events! I invite you all to check out the show at let me know what you think and what topics you would like to talk about !

I am Your Bro LJ James I’ll See you on the road!!!

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