Saving Gas And Saving Money

by Yimmy Gold

I doubt there is anybody out there who has not noticed that the price of gas has rocketed up in recent months. We have seen the price of gas rising steadily over the last few years and now we are all finding gas is emptying our wallets. People are wanting to spend less money on gas and the only way they can see to do that is to stop using their cars.

You want to know if you can do anything about the price of oil? I am sorry to disappoint you but the price of oil is out of our hands. What we can do is make our cars more economical, use our cars less and drive in a way that uses less gas for each trip.

Stop using your car! It may sound a bit dramatic but it is the best way to save gas, if it is a little inconvenient. So we must accept that for most of us that is not possible but we can use our cars less often. By combining several shopping trips into one you will save a lot on gas and if you were to take turns driving, going shopping with your neighbors you could save a lot of gas that way too.

If you brake heavily and accelerate fast you will use up a lot of gas. It uses a lot less gas if you can accelerate more gently and brake less heavily. You need to be looking ahead and being aware of what the traffic is doing. If the traffic ahead of you is braking then ease off the gas pedal early and slow gently. When you accelerate press lightly on the gas pedal and accelerate smoothly. You will be surprised how much gas this method of driving can save you.

Next we can run our cars in a more economical way. We could buy a smaller and more efficient car, we can get our car serviced which can sometimes make it run a lot better and use less gas or we can add certain gas saving devices to our vehicles which help to reduce the amount of gas we use.

A lot of gas saving devices have been promoted over the years and while some have made some improvement to gas consumption they generally have cost too much to make any savings worthwhile. Any testing that has been done was often carried out by sceptics who wanted to prove they didn’t work. The car industry and oil industry both wanted us to carry on buying what they offered and didn’t realy care about helping us reduce gas consumption.

There may be some devices that made no sense back in the day when oil and gas was cheap but now gas is so expensive they may make a lot more sense. Just a saving of a mile or two per gallon would be a very valuable saving in gas costs for many people.

The scientists are saying that we will all be using hydrogen for our gas supplies in years to come but that seems to be a way off yet. There are not many hydrogen gas stations and there are only a handful of hydrogen cars running around on our roads as test vehicles. We are an inventive nation and there are lots of people who have been working on this problem in their garages and workshops and they have developed ways to generate hydrogen and use it to save on gas costs in the cars we already have and drive every day.

Enthusiasts working away in their garages and workshops have come up with systems that are easily built from regular parts available at local hardware stores and can be put together in a few hours. They explain how to build these kits and fit them to your car and you could be reducing your gas usage in next to no time all thanks to a simple guide you can get online.

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