Salvation Army Auto Auction

by Calvin Anderson

Have you heard of the salvation army auto auction? It is one of the Salvation Army’s ways of raising funds for their social improvement endeavors. This is their way of telling you to donate and help make a difference in another person’s life.

The Salvation Army is a group that champions humanitarian efforts. It is nonprofit and the work it is involved in is appropriate for the name “Salvation”. Their work is based on humanitarian ideals and selflessness. Even if you’re not the religious type you can still view your donation helping their humanitarian works and services.

The organization will gladly accept donations that will help them in their cause. These donations can be monetary or not. A few dollars will do but others do donate something else of more value. These non monetary donations can probably be a few hectares of your land or if you don’t have any to spare, then you could certainly donate your car. It is after all for a good cause and you actually do get something out of it.

The car donations you do make are tax deductable which means you get to minimize your tax bill just through the simple act of giving. You get to sell your car through the salvation army auto auction and you get tax deductions while making the transaction. You could think of it as a profitable business transaction.

You shouldn’t be sad parting with your car, because you get a little something from it too. The money they raise at the salvation army auto auction will be utilized in the rehabilitation programs they have set up in your area. You can be sure that your car donation will give a man a new life and this time, it will be a life that will count. The Salvation Army will fully utilize all available resources to their rehabilitation programs thus providing a perfect place for a guided advancement in living.

You probably already have a bunch of good memories with your car but because of certain circumstances you just had to let her go. Donating at the salvation army auto auction is certainly the way to do this. Your car will hopefully find a new owner that will respect her like you did.

There are two ways a person can donate and yet gain something at the same time. One is if you are the car donor. You get the satisfaction of giving away something in exchange for a better life for someone else; plus you also get the reward of tax deduction. Then two, if you win the bid at the auction then you get to have your car at a great bargain.

If you want to donate a car or find one at a bargain, then head on over to the resource below for details on the salvation army auto auction.

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