Acura’s Crossover: The RDX

by Aidan Busbee

The Acura RDX is one of the most popular options available at Acura of Tempe. Crossover vehicles in general are becoming increasingly more popular. And the Acura RDX stands apart from the rest with a unique combination of design and performance that takes it to a level unmatched in the industry. This luxury crossover is one that the competition doesn’t have to stand aside for; it’s already passed by the competition!

One of Acura’s goals when designing the RDX was to design it in a way that not only maintains functionality, but also affords it a sporty look which would appeal to both a younger and older generation of SUV drivers. The RDX is also the first factory Acura product to utilize a turbocharged engine. This, along with the vehicle’s design focus on on-road performance rather than off-road ability, reinforces the crossover’s purpose as a sporty performer inside the body of a small SUV.

The closest comparison in the industry for the Acura RDX would be the Honda CR-V. But the term “closest comparison” is used quite loosely in this instance. The Acura RDX offers the high performance, turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine. Drivers have access to 240 horsepower and 260 pound/foot of torque. The RDX’s engine feels like the engine of a luxurious sports sedan on the road creating the opportunity for crossover drivers to experience 0-60 mph in 6 seconds with a smooth ride and superior handling.

Drivers of the Acura RDX appreciate the standard five speed automatic transmission and the Super Handling All Wheel Drive System. The inclusion of this technology means that power is continuously distributed among all 4 wheels to provide the best handling and to prevent traction loss incidents in wet weather. Visit for more information on the Acura RDX’s Super Handling All Wheel Drive technology.

The Acura RDX also took advantage of the latest technology when it comes to safety features. Acura’s RDX includes: surrounding airbags, anti lock brake system and electronic brake distribution, vehicle stability assist & advanced compatibility engineering. The thorough safety design is another reason why the Acura RDX is so popular. The mid to older generation is very comfortable with the safety ratings of the vehicle making it the choice for another segment of the crossover market.

Acura also took advantage of a few technological advances for the RDX design not directly related to safety! Drivers will find they appreciate the full display navigation w/real time traffic, voice recognition and Bluetooth. Everyone in the vehicle will appreciate the surround sound, personalized settings, and dual-zone/GPS link temperature controls as well as power windows, locks and moon roof. And that’s not even a complete list of the luxury and comfort design features included in the RDX!

There will continue to be comparisons made to Acura’s RDX, but the competition will continue to fall far short of the high levels RDX has set for crossovers! With better handling, a sportier look, and more luxury features…the RDX really has it all.

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